Profitable and growing business requires an appropriate corporate and capital structure. We assist our clients in various acquisitions, financial transactions, share and option schemes and various group restructurings. We also provide the legal assistance for a board work, shareholder matters and other corporate law processes at all stages of your company's life cycle.

Strong experience  on acquisitions

We deal with even the most demanding mergers and acquisitions effectively with a small team without worrying about a large group of lawyers on the other side of the table. Our founding partner Antti has concluded more than 100 acquisitions and corporate restructuring procedures in addition to dozens of share issues and other capital arrangements. Recently, we have assisted with selling of the listed company's property, acquiring business such as children's clothing, cosmetics and heavy industry, as well as completing several intra-group restructurings.

Corporate law documentation up to date

The minutes of the Board of Directors and the Annual General Meeting, governance matters, financing arrangements, share and option schemes and Trade Register notifications are daily matters for us. Compliance in these matters is essential to keep the company’s decision-making and business on a sustainable basis, and for the stakeholders to receive the up-to-date information they need. If you want to free up your time for your core tasks but get reassurance that corporate law issues will stay on hand, we will be happy to help.

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