Legal questions cannot be excluded from running of any business. Events such as setting up a company, creating a brand, commencing sales activities, hiring employees, and terminating employment contracts, establishing partnerships, organising financing rounds and different exit events are only few examples of the situations where an experienced corporate lawyer can recognise and solve the legal questions. In addition to drafting the legal documentation our team provides an input on what is the most typical or recommended way to proceed and what are the possible risks and opportunities.

With in-house lawyers' experience

We have been working in business law for decades. From our experience, we know that customers want concise, practical solutions. A partner who understands and supports the business and does not act as a barrier or a slowdown. We offer the kind of legal services we would have once wanted to buy as in-house lawyers ourselves.


Flexibility and peace of mind

Through the outsourced legal department, you have an access to the expertise of our entire team. Because our team is small and our organization is low, communication comes from a familiar faces and our response times are top notch. You don't have to worry about idling - we use our hours effectively for your advantage.

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