Employees are often seen as the company’s most important resource, harnessing them to support the company’s strategy requires understanding of an extensive general regulation, industry-specific regulations, and workplace-specific operating models.  We help companies manage the challenges of working life and anticipate opportunities, risks and disagreements related to personnel decisions, in a pragmatic and business-friendly manner.

Experience from both sides of the table

Our experts have extensive experience in employment law matters in the service of the labor protection authority, the trade union, law firms and companies. We advise on all aspects of employment law. We want to get to know the industry and business of each of our clients, because as a result, we are able to take into account the specific characteristics and practices of each industry in our advice. We are a reliable and cost-effective employment law advisor and strategic partner for our clients, from startups to large groups and listed companies.


Supporting HR and management at all stages of the company

We assist companies in reviewing and drafting mandatory and recommended HR documents. We will draft practical  employment, management and CEO contracts that take into account the company's business, as well as mandatory plans and programs. We also assist our clients in the restructuring of the company's operations and prepare the necessary documents for its implementation, from the proposal for negotiations in accordance with the Co-operation Act to the minutes of meetings and post-termination notices to employees and possible termination agreements. We also provide trainings to our clients on current employment law matters.



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