The EU-wide data protection regulation (GDPR) seeks to support the conditions for international business, but at the same time creates significant new obligations for companies. The regulation requires companies to establish regular responsibilities and processes, updates to the technical environment, and comprehensive accounting for processing measures. We help companies overcome the challenges of the privacy regulation step by step, in a pragmatic and business-friendly way.

Insight and experience for almost 15 years

The GDPR did not make us data protection experts since we have been wokring with data protection assignments for almost 15 years. Our partner Anna Paimela has led the European Media Group's data protection program and created data protection strategies for listed companies that support digital transformation . We also help start-ups and SMEs on a daily basis in preparing basic data protection documentation and creating data protection processes.


Peace of mind with an  outsourced data protection officer

We act as the data protection officer for a fast-growing international ICT company and we provide support to several internal data protection officers. With our experience, we cost-effectively create processes, documentation and reporting models, and quickly raise the company's data protection maturity to a higher level. When data protection issues are in competent hands, company management can focus on its core business and building growth.

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