Copyright and other intellectual property rights shape strategies, create value, secure jobs - and sometimes cause disputes. They involve a wide variety of contractual practices, strategic measures, and protection needs. We assist our clients with various intellectual property right matters, brand protection, and ICT and other digital business agreements.

IPR expertise from contracts to litigation

Our decades of experience in content and other IPR-related industries has created for us the ability to recognize the importance of intellectual property rights in a wide variety of contracts and development projects. Recently, we have created brand protection strategies for our clients, entered into numerous technology and licensing agreements, and advised on issues related to the use of content. The doors of courtrooms have not been left unopened in defending the rights of our clients.


Value chain management

In IPR-related contract chains, it is typical that the seller wants to sell the rights as narrowly as possible, and the customer in turn would like to make the most of them. When the buyer acts as a rights a refiner and a reseller in the value chain, the requirements of end customers must also be considered in the contract chain. These types of contract chains are familiar to us in the media industry and other creative industries.